Understanding Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity refers to how our brain organizes our thoughts and feelings. It’s important to understand the two basic principles of neuroplascity: 1. Neurons that fire together, wire together; and 2. Neurons you don’t use, you lose.

Active nerve cells

Mental activity strengthens the neural pathways in our brain associated with what we focus on with our thoughts and feelings. If we focus on negative thoughts and feelings, we strengthen negative neural pathways. Every thought we think and feeling we feel, strengthens the circuitry in our brain known as our neural pathways.  This strengthening process is called ‘conditioning’. Neural pathway conditioning is the reason for our habits of thinking, feeling, and acting. Neural pathway conditioning controls much of our daily actions, our emotional mindset, and our decisions. Some experts report ‘neural pathway conditioning’ controls 94% of our conscious activity. We control only 6% of our conscious activity. Therefore, it is important to understand how neuroplasticity works so we can choose our thoughts in order to deliberately strengthen our positive neural pathways. Our neural pathways are conditioned to respond all the time. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to respond with negative emotional patterns whenever we are confronted with any negative situation. This neural pathway conditioning happens to us throughout our lives.  It’s the result of repeated negative conditioning that creates our negative behavioral patterns. Our neural pathways are conditioned by our parents, by our relationships with others, by our culture, by our entertainment and the daily news media  – any time we experience mental/emotional activity, we are using our neural pathways and thereby conditioning those neural pathways. This means if we want to increase our happiness, we should think and behave in the most positive way that we can. This will wire positive neurons together in our brain and create positive habits in our thinking and actions. And when we reduce our negative thinking and behaviors, our brain’s negative neural pathways will fade away. By making positive thinking and acting a dominate behavior pattern, we will continue to strengthen those positive neural pathways which will result in increasing our happiness. This video will help us understand this process.

YouTube video: Neuroplascity

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