Once You Learn To Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Happiness & Success Can Be Assured
Stop Suffering and Start Enjoying Life

Just Be The Observer

Be the observer of your thoughts and emotions by answering the question, “Am I feeling happy or sad, positive or negative?” (Take a moment to answer it now), and you may recognize that any stress or anxiety you are experiencing is self created by negative thoughts and emotions, and you can change that. (See Change Your Negative Thoughts). The human evolution required a negative attitude to improve our chances of survival. This resulted in our emotions being conditioned negatively. (See Your Brain Is Wired For Negative Thoughts )

By being the observer of your thoughts and emotions, you can condition your thoughts and emotions to be positive. This will reduce your stress, anxiety, frustration and anger. (see How To Control Your Emotions) The process of emotional conditioning is based on the Principles of Neuroplasticity: 1. Neurons that fire together, wire together; and 2. Neurons you don’t use, you lose. (See Understanding Neuroplasticity)

Practice conditioning your thoughts and emotions to be positive, and liberate yourself from causing your own stress, anxiety, frustration and anger. (see Condition Your Emotions To Be Positive) This website is your ‘virtual life coach’, showing you how conditioning your thoughts and emotions to be positive will free you to enjoy a wonderful life that is full of happiness, success and contentment.

Practice being the observer of your thoughts by setting your SmartPhone to ‘beep’ a few times each day to remind you, and then condition your thoughts and emotions to be positive. You will quickly and easily condition a positive mindset within a few weeks. Being positive will become your dominate, default emotional behavior pattern with happiness and success as a by-product. These videos explain how to change your life for the better:

In the video below, watch to the end to see Rule 16. It’s Special!

Recommended: Into the Magic Shop by James Doty, MD. In his memoir Into the Magic Shop Dr. Doty uses his personal experience and cutting-edge science to reveal how we can change our lives for the better by changing our brains and our hearts.

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Both are caused by your negative thoughts.
Change your thoughts to end the suffering.


Condition Your Emotions

The emotions you feel most often
become your default state of mind.


Increase Your Happiness

Condition your emotions to be positive because that will increase your happiness.

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