The Down-Side Of Emotional Conditioning

The website is all about conditioning your emotions to be positive. However, the down-side is that most people are conditioned to be negative by their life situation. And the more their negative emotional responses are repeated, the stronger their negative emotional conditioning gets. This is an emotional spiral downward. People around the world struggle with negative conditioned emotional issues. And until they learn that there is a better way, they will continue to suffer. Conditioning your emotions to be positive is the solution.

Do What Is Best For You!

This may sound very selfish and not compassionate, but you must recognize that it is each individual’s responsibility to do what is best for oneself. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be compassionate, just be compassionate because you choose to be compassionate. Not because of a guilt trip. There is only one rule: treat everyone you meet in the same way that you want to be treated. But do what is best for you. This is your one-and-only life experience. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to make your life happy and enjoyable. When you meet a partner that agrees and you both are attracted to each other . . . You’ve found your life partner! Accept the blessing. Like the ‘sages’ always say “This ain’t no dress rehearsal!”

Your Outside World Is A Manifestation Of Your Inside World

Once you have conditioned your mind to have a dominate, default, positive mindset, you will be able to understand people’s emotional drives better because your emotional awareness will enable you to ‘understand where they are coming from’. In order to condition your mind to be predominately emotionally positive, you must be aware of whether or not your thoughts & feelings are positive. With this awareness comes a sensitivity to others emotional status which gives you the ability to be responsive to their needs. Empathy is a powerful blessing.

A telltale sign is a person’s ‘outside world’, because that is a manifestation of their ‘inside world’; are they predominately positive or negative. Do they recognize their ‘outside world’ actions as an expression of ‘who they are’ or do they feel they ‘just want to get it done and move on to the next thing’? Having a positive mindset makes your life easier and more enjoyable. For your own selfish reasons, you should want to condition your emotions to be positive, rather than negative, for no better reason than it feels better!! Negativity causes suffering. Positivity causes happiness.

People laugh at me . . .

Some of my close family members laugh at me and say I should practice what I preach on my website whenever I get upset or lose my temper. I own that and I understand their point of view. They equate my creating the website and saying I feel blessed implies that I’m hypocritical because I acted in an emotionally negative way. They fail to take in the ‘context’ of my feeling blessed. Imagine you are homeless and unable to fill your dietary needs and then, for whatever reason, your life status changes to where you live in a comfortable home with no mortgage and your refrigerators are full with the food you enjoy. When you compare the before and after, ‘you are blessed’. So to my close family members I say, “Yes, you are correct. I am not always emotionally positive. But when I think of how my negative, emotional life used to be, I cannot help but to feel blessed. Yes, I have challenges, but I recognize them and do my best to deal with them in the most positive way that I can. I practice what I preach when I say, “I just keep trying to be my best. Thank you.”

Exceptional Love

When someone loves you in an exceptionally loving way, you can’t help but to love them in an exceptionally loving way. (Because it feels good and you want it to continue!) Even if you start out as the lover, you will end up being the beloved!

I hope You get the message. If you are in a loving relationship that makes you happy and content, then love your partner in an exceptionally loving way. Go all out. Express your gratitude for them being in your life. Thank them for loving you! (For that is what you want, to just be loved and accepted.) Make your goal to help make your partner’s life experience a happy and content one. If your partner is open to your love, you will both find nirvana,

What’s Going On In The ‘Now’

I envision the ‘now-moment’ as a place where there is this huge machine where the wheels are taller than two people, There is a very long stair-railing leading way-up to the cabin on top. There in the driver’s seat sits this guy watching an immersive negative video through the headset he’s wearing. That is the life situation for most (un-conscience) people. This is where he takes off the headset to observe his true surroundings and focus on the present moment. Conscience people are aware that they are not their thoughts. They recognize they can detach and become the observer of their thoughts. And as the observer, they can choose to turn off their thoughts, like a TV, and focus their awareness on ‘the present moment’.

I Was Abused . . . !

Whether one is physically abused, sexually abused or emotionally abused, it kills the victim’s spirit. I was abused and subconsciously I was afraid, angry, and confused. I became my own worst enemy by destroying my relationships with others, wanting to control the situation to prevent further hurt and pain. I thought if I controlled the situation(s), then I could prevent myself from being hurt emotionally. What I didn’t know was that the pain was so deep that I was behaving erratically. Trying to blend-in, but afraid to get close. No matter the form of the abuse, our spirit is reduced until it no longer exists. We no longer care about ‘going along’. If there is a God, then this is when (s)he has to be crying. We have given-up on ourselves and lost hope. What’s the use? It doesn’t matter. You must recognize that no one cares because they are focused on their own life. This is your life. Others are too busy caring about their own life. This is when you must reach that point of ‘dissatisfaction to action’. Are you going to take charge of your life? If you’re gunna give it one last college try, that means giving it your all. No holding back for safety. It’s all in; or get out! If necessary, seek professional psychological help. You can do it and change your life for the better, but you must be committed because you will be challenged by your old ‘negative conditioned responses’. But, like everything in life, it gets easier with practice. Just don’t give-up on yourself. I wasted a lot of time by going to therapy, reading self-help books and studying philosophy. But it was all necessary to get me to understand and accept that I was my own worst enemy because of the way that I had conditioned my brain.
( See Understanding Neuroplascity). You can condition you brain to be positive, but it takes commitment. Be the observer of your thoughts so you can catch yourself thinking negative thoughts; then force yourself to come-up with a positive alternative thought; learn to wallow in those new thoughts. Not only on the thought itself, but imagine the emotional feelings that go with that new thought. Make it as good as you can because it’s creating new neuropathways in your brain. Wear those pathways as deep and make them as strong as you can, so they can become a dominate habit in your ‘new’ life. You will feel ’re-born’, but it’s only ’a better version’ of you. The one with your spirit alive and well. The Power is within You!! Just do it!
Please be sure to see the video below:

Brain Plasticity: A Mental Health Renaissance – Hani Akasheh

Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, is a term that refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. Without this ability, any brain, not just the human brain, would be unable to develop from infancy through to adulthood or recover from brain injury. A surprising consequence of neuroplasticity is the fact that the brain activity associated with a given function can actually move to a different location as a consequence of experience or brain damage.