Alternative to “Live in the present moment”

Many mental health workers recommend that their clients practice meditation as a means of learning to quiet the mind and live in the present ‘now’ moment. Usually this is therapy for people who suffer from depression caused by their thinking about their past. Or it’s therapy for people who suffer from anxiety caused by their thinking about their future. This is such a common human experience that Lao Tzu (500 bce) recommended that one would find peace of mind by living in the present moment – because by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, that would prevent one from focusing one’s awareness on negative thoughts about their past or future that are causing their emotional suffering. Suffering from negative thoughts is an emotional pattern that effects individuals worldwide, because the world conditions people to think negatively.  (See Your Brain Is Wired For Negavity)

Instead of learning to “live in the present ‘now’ moment’’, I am recommending an alternative. When you practice being ‘the observer of your thoughts’, you are going one step better and learning to recognize your negative thoughts and then managing them for your own best self interest. Recognize that you are not your thoughts. You are the observer, the one controlling the focus of your awareness, and your mind is your personal immersive video/audio experience – and you can control the channel by controlling which thoughts you focus on. Oprah demonstrated this when she said “think of a full-moon, an oak tree by the bank of a river, a red triangle”. (do it) (see Change Your Negative Thoughts) That mental exercise gave you the personal experience of ‘managing your thoughts’. Practice being the observer of your thoughts by having your SmartPhone beep a few times each day to remind you, and then practice conditioning your thoughts and emotions to be positive. You will quickly and easily condition a positive mindset within a few weeks. (See the video below) 

The primary benefit of conditioning your thoughts and emotions to be positive is  . . . .  you will have serenity and peace of mind. Once you’re conditioned to thinking positive thoughts, you won’t abuse yourself emotionally by mulling over negative things that happened in the past or that you fear might happen in the future. You will see the positive in every situation, including thinking about the past and future, and you will feel good about your life. You will recognize your suffering about the past/future as necessary steps in your journey to become a more positive person. That’s when you will recognize your negative experiences opened your heart to compassion and empathy. Your self-esteem will be very high because you will be practicing positive self-talk and you will know how to handle difficult, negative situations in a positive, compassionate way. In other words, you can live your life ‘your-way’ and enjoy it because your thoughts and feelings about the past or future will be positive. You can enjoy ‘living in the present moment’ when your thoughts are there, and you can enjoy ‘living in the past/future’ when your thoughts are there. Just understand that all you have is this present ‘now’ moment; and any thoughts about the past or future are only thought journeys. Recognize that by conditioning your thoughts and emotions to be positive, you will have a happy, contented life; therefore, you owe it to yourself to condition your thoughts and emotions to be positive so you can enjoy positive thought journeys.          

My Enlightenment Experience: I recognized that, over the course of my life, that I had conditioned my thoughts and feelings to be negative. And by learning to condition my thoughts and feelings to be positive, I was able to find peace and happiness in my life. I feel blessed and you can too! Hallelujah!!

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