Stop Negative Self-Talk Now!

The essence of this website is to increase our happiness and personal contentment by being ‘the observer’ of our negative conditioned thoughts and emotions, and then deliberately changing them through ‘positive emotional conditioning’.

One of the most significant ways in which we are our own worst enemy is through our ‘negative self-talk’. When we unconsciously think negative thoughts about ourselves, we are creating low self esteem, which impacts every aspect of our lives. It’s because of low self esteem that we think ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not smart enough’, or ‘I’m not (fill-in the blank)’. This prevents us from becoming our own ‘personal best self’.

The example of the baby elephant paints a clear picture of how ‘negative-self-talk’ works. When the baby elephant is first born, a strong steel chain is clamped to the elephant’s back foot and the other end is connected to a stake deep in the ground. Every time the baby elephant tries to walk away, he is stopped by the steel chain clamped to his foot. The elephant remains tied to the chain for months, constantly stopped from going beyond the length of the chain. After awhile, the elephant stops as soon as he feels the tug of the chain on his foot. At this point, you could tie a thin rope to the elephant’s foot and he will stop as soon as he feels the tug on his foot. The same thing happens with ‘negative self-talk’ that becomes the chains we tie around our minds. After months and years of negative self-talk, we become trapped by these self-imposed limits because we come to believe we can’t succeed. To free ourself from these self-imposed limits, we must stop negative self-talk now. By learning to recognize our negative self-talk, and deliberately choose to imagine a positive alternative, we can cause our self-esteem to be very high by practicing positive self-talk and become our own ‘best friend’ guiding our successful future.

Stop Negative Self Talk Now.  Guided Exercise.

Now that we can recognize our ‘negative self-talk’, what can we do about it? This video discusses how to deal with the negative self-talk.

And what about other ‘negative thoughts’? This video talks about how to ’stop negative thoughts’.

You can stop ‘negative thoughts’ by re-conditioning your emotions using neuroplasticity. (Press the link for more)

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