Understanding Our Brain

Many people say our brain is ‘just another muscle”. In one important aspect, that is correct as explained below. However, in another important aspect, that is not correct because our muscles are made-up of strands of sinew. And if you keep flexing a group of muscles, they become strong and a dominate feature in your life. Whether you are right-handed or left handed demonstrates this physcial conditioning process. Our brain, on the other hand, is made-up of neurons that exist in a (link) ‘connectome’ that link together and are influenced by our thoughts and feelings. If someone says something that hurts your feelings, neurons in your brain link together as neural pathways based on the intensity of your emotions. Just like flexing your muscle, the neurons that linked together can become stronger in their bond by repeated similar thoughts and feelings. This strengthening of neural pathways (conditioning) creates our habits, both physically and mentally. Athletes use the physical conditioning process to create ‘muscle memory’ so they can repeat an action perfectly again and again. You can use the conditioning process to condition your thoughts and emotions to be positive and after a while, as this mental habit gets stronger,  being positive will become your dominate mental behavior pattern and your default mindset.  That’s what (link) happiness-success.com is all about.

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