Your Anger Is Your Enemy

Your anger is your enemy, not your strength. Take a moment to review the repeating patterns in your life. Every time you acted out in anger, it never ended well for you. You choose to think that each incident is a unique experience, but it’s not. Similar circumstances touch an emotional nerve ( a neural-pathway) that caused you to respond with a negative emotional pattern of behavior that you have been repeating for some time. Through your anger, you’ve become your own worst enemy. You have alienated the people who care about you and you have become isolated. Is this what you want from Life? Your thoughts and your behavior create the life you are living. If you don’t interrupt this pattern, it will continue to bring you suffering. If you are open to find a better way, this YouTube video is a solution. If you are not open to a ‘better way’, then accept the consequences of being isolated from those who care about you. It’s your choice: how do you want to create your life experience? Why not choose ‘Positive’? IT FEELS GOOD! When you have nothing but emotional suffering to lose and happiness and contentment to gain, it’s always worth trying. How does ‘Negative’ feel to you? What does your choice say about you? Are you really so content with being angry that you choose not to change?

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