Your Outside World Is A Manifestation Of Your Inside World

Once you have conditioned your mind to have a dominate, default, positive mindset, you will be able to understand people’s emotional drives better because your emotional awareness will enable you to ‘understand where they are coming from’. In order to condition your mind to be predominately emotionally positive, you must be aware of whether or not your thoughts & feelings are positive. With this awareness comes a sensitivity to others emotional status which gives you the ability to be responsive to their needs. Empathy is a powerful blessing.

A telltale sign is a person’s ‘outside world’, because that is a manifestation of their ‘inside world’; are they predominately positive or negative. Do they recognize their ‘outside world’ actions as an expression of ‘who they are’ or do they feel they ‘just want to get it done and move on to the next thing’? Having a positive mindset makes your life easier and more enjoyable. For your own selfish reasons, you should want to condition your emotions to be positive, rather than negative, for no better reason than it feels better!! Negativity causes suffering. Positivity causes happiness.

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