Neuroplasticity Exercises For Anxiety – Rewire Your Anxious Brain

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, stress is the brain’s response to any demand. Stress can happen in a single short-term event or reoccur over a long period. This is where stress becomes chronic and toxic which then triggers physiological responses. Stress cannot only change the function of our brain but kill brain cells.

Disordered anxiety makes it hard to enjoy life and function in normal day-to-day activities. The more resistant you are to the feelings that are arising, the more they nestle in and makes a home. Avoidance makes it more challenging to resolve.

Now Here’s An Addiction I Wish Would Spread!

If you read the article ’Negative Attitude Is A Conditioned Response’, you will understand why ‘negativity’ has become a dominate habit for many people. Negativity is showered upon us day after day, that after a while it becomes a strong conditioned response habit from the constant repetition; and there is usually no positive counter-balance. After awhile, the habit is so strong that it can become a dominate, controlling habit. And that hurts both the individual and his dealings with others. There’s an alternative, regardless of your level of negativity. First, you should recognize that you abuse yourself emotionally when you think negative thoughts. And understand by thinking negative thoughts, you strengthen the negative neuron-pathways in your brain.  So here’s the alternative, the secret to Happiness & Success.  Once you heighten your awareness of your negative thoughts by being the observer of your thoughts, you can then choose to respond more positively. At first, it won’t be easy. It’s like breaking any drug habit. But, once you start choosing to think and act in a positive way, that behavior pattern becomes a new conditioned response that continues to get stronger and stronger. After awhile, your neuron-pathways become so positively conditioned, that you have acquired a new dominate habit of thinking and acting in the most positive way that you can. Living examples with this positive dominate habit are the monks like the Dali Lama.  And that dominate habit gets stronger as you continue to think and act in positive ways. Recognize that ‘positive’ is a synonym for ‘love’. You now have a dominate, controlling habit of being positive and loving. And it feels good!  Now, that’s an addiction I wish would spread!

Lesson #1

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. It is through our mistakes that we learn the most difficult lessons. Accept that you were wrong and move on. You handled it the best way that you could at the time. The secret of emotionally intelligent individuals is that they learn from the mistake and make adjustments so the mistake won’t be repeated again. ”I wish the original mistake didn’t happen, but it did and I can’t change that. I apologize for my part. I’m ready to move on.” Period.

In This Time Of Covid 19

Monitor your thoughts and feelings. Are you obsessing on watching covid-19 news hour after hour? Are you causing your own stress and frustration by your obsessions? Limit yourself to 90-minutes in the morning and 90-minutes in the evening. Isn’t that enough to understand ‘what’s happening?’. Learn to control what you subject your thoughts and feelings to. Take charge of your thoughts and feelings. I, personally, use a simple gauge: If it makes me feel good, I go with it; If it makes me feel bad, I find an alternative. Basically I ask: is it positive or is it negative? End of discussion. Go positive.

How Do You End A Relationship In A Positive Way?

Start by saying to your partner, “We need to talk. I want to share my heart with you.” Then when you are settled for a discussion, start by saying “I’m unhappy in this relationship and I’m sure you are aware of it. I want to end this relationship as amicably as possible. Can you agree to that?” You’ve stated your feelings and hope for the best.

How Can I Be Happy & Positive When I Caught My Partner With Another Person?

Yes, you will feel devastated and hurt when you discover your loved-one was not faithful; however, you do not want to react in a negative, hostile way that would hurt someone and get yourself in trouble. Ask yourself, “How do I want to respond to this”, and recognize the relationship is ended and you want to walk away. This is an opportunity to find a new partner who is worthy of your love. Acting out in a hostile manner will not help or change the situation and would only make your life worse. Never accept any abuse in a relationship, whether it is emotional or physical. This is your one and only life experience. Strive to make it enjoyable.